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The Mumbai-Rourkela Connection

Rosalina and Sippan met and married through OriyaMatrimony. He lived in Mumbai, she in Rourkela. Read how they connected.

Our families were connected

I was just listening to this lovely couple as they shared their excitement. It seemed as if they were reliving their story through our conversation. The bubbly Rosalina speaks up, "It was on a friend's suggestion that I joined BharatMatrimony. I found Sippan’s profile interesting and sent him a request. But before talking to Sippan, I spoke to my father in law and then I came to realize that our families have common relatives."

A surprise at Hyderabad airport

When I ask the couple about their first meet, Sippan in the most poised manner tells me, "Well.. It happened in Hyderabad and it was a surprise. Those days, she lived in Hyderabad for her PhD and I lived in Mumbai. So when we decided to meet there, Rosalina and her parents arranged everything for me since it was my first visit to the city. I walk out of the airport to look for the cab and what do I see? Rosalina standing there."

I ask Rosalina about the surprise and she further enlightens the scenario and tells me, "We have only had conversations over phone calls. Talking to that person and meeting him are two different things. I wanted to see if he could recognize me and he did, in the very first glance." Out of curiosity, I ask her how did he react and she says, “His reaction was like "I knew you will come," she giggles. She relives her Hyderabad days through this conversation and says, "Those 5 days was the best time of my life."

Simple gestures flatter me

It seems like the couple aren’t over their best times in Hyderabad. It is very evident in Sippan's answer when I ask him what he adores about his wife, "You see... Hyderabad airport is far away from her university and she travelling all alone to receive me is the sweetest gesture that I have ever experienced. That simple gesture just flattered me."

But Rosalina has a big list of complements for her husband. She starts by saying "he is not like others", and continues, "He notices the smallest thing about me. He gives me attention all the time. Not only that but what I love about him is he gives respect to my parents also. But to top it all, he never wants me to change."

Missing each other

A teacher by profession and living in Rourkela, Rosalina speaks up about her long distance marriage, "My profession allows me many holidays and whenever possible I travel back to Mumbai. Even if we aren’t together, we anyway stay connected. All that matters in a long distance marriage is trust and I blindly trust him." Sippan shares quite a similar thought. He says, "It is all about love and trust. It also definitely requires effort from the both of us but that’s how we manage."

"The days we are together, it’s beautiful and when we aren’t together, we miss each other" -Rosalina

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