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I would recommend everyone to marry: Arun

Love came as a bundle of surprise to Sanchayita on her birthday.

Arun and Sanchayita took me into their little world filled with love and told me how it all began. It was a sheer delight to chat with this flamboyant couple.

It all started on Facebook

In a quick chat with the beautiful lady, Sanchayita revealed her entire journey. She began, "I was a paid member of BharatMatrimony when I liked his profile. Later I found him on Facebook and that is how we connected." She had a funny anecdote to add,

"Actually I had a different Facebook name which got him confused if I was the same girl. That is why it took him a while to accept my request."

When I asked Arun if this was how they connected, he said, "Yes! She had two different names and it was confusing. So, it took me time and then, it was in August that we started talking." And when did you meet? "He had come home to meet me in November and coincidentally, it was my birthday," said Sanchayita. She continued to tell me what she liked in him, "I always wanted someone who was friendly and gave me space and I found Arun, who was very down to earth as well. Moreover, our thoughts matched."

A valentine courtship

"He lives in Bangalore and I lived in Bhubaneswar. When he had come to Bhubaneswar for a couple of weeks, we met for three times," said Sanchayita. So any golden moments that's imprinted in your heart? “Our first Valentine's Day. He had planned a treasure hunt for me for the entire week. He even wrote tiny notes as hints. It was a really special one for me," said the lovely lady.

There was another beautiful memory that the couple shared from their five months of courtship. "Amidst our wedding preparations, we attended Arun’s friend's wedding. I joined Arun in Sambalpur. We got some time again to spend together," said Sanchayita.

Life after marriage

"Life has definitely changed, but for the best. It feels like we are best friends. That is solely because we were comfortable with each other from the very beginning. The major benefit was that we had our family's support in everything we did," Arun exclaimed.

Sanchayita's excitement spoke everything, "I am the happiest person in the world. We are enjoying every moment together." So what do you like doing together? "We like exploring new restaurants and most importantly, he cooks for me." I asked Arun if he did and he replied, "Yes! I usually work from home. So, I have time. Whenever she's back from office, I try to cook for her, but she is the best in cooking." The couple just can’t stop complimenting each other. Sanchayita added, "What I love about him is… that he is always concerned about what I like."

Arun has a wonderful message to convey, "I would definitely recommend everyone to get married. It’s all about adjusting and sharing."

We wish them a lifetime of togetherness and indefinite memories!

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