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I found Ramakanta in just 4 days: Saswatee

Some people are really lucky. Saswatee found Ramakanta in just four days. Read their love story.

The gorgeous Saswatee is full of appreciation for BharatMatrimony. "I found my life partner here in four days. The site gives you region specific profiles to look through and secondly, many of my own family members have had happy and successful marriages through BharatMatrimony."

A fun anecdote of the first meet

Just when I asked Saswatee about her first meet with her husband, she bursts out giggling and tells me, "This is a really funny one. I was waiting in a hotel with my parents to meet him and he was bringing his family as well. After a while when I caught sight of him from a distance, I called him to inform that I was here and asked him if he was wearing a pink shirt. What does he reply? He says he hasn't reached the hotel yet and that the guy in the pink shirt is his twin brother." I burst out laughing too.

The very obvious question pops up, how did she differentiate after all? Still laughing, she tells me, "It was indeed hard to differentiate because they are identical. On the day of the wedding also they wore the same sherwani. But fortunately, they wear glasses and I ensured that both wear different frames."

What I admire the most

"I wanted a well-educated girl and my wife is exactly that. Everybody knows how tough civil service exams are and her determination to write the exams is something that attracts me the most. But if you ask me about the other things that I like about her, she is very organized and she has an amazing dressing sense. I must say I have got my own personal stylist." Ramakanta just can’t stop complimenting his wife. He adds on, "She also cooks really well, especially prawn and paneer. Well.. I wasn’t really a paneer person but she makes such delicious paneer that I cannot resist myself. So you can understand to what extent I have fallen in love with her." But the vibrant Saswatee, who is preparing for her civil services examination, finishes off with a single sentence that says it all. "He's very supportive of me in everything."

The surprise proposal

I casually ask her if he formally proposed and she, in her soft, silvery voice tells me "I went to Delhi to meet him but when I called him to inform him, he said that he won't be able to pick me up from the airport. Disappointed, I just took a cab to go to his house but the cab driver took me to a mall instead. When I noticed, I started yelling at him. But when I sighted Ramakanta from a distance, I figured that all of this was a surprise. I was flattered. Post our lunch, out of nowhere he just asks me the question- 'will you marry me'. It was the best moment of my life.

When I ask Ramakanta about this cute gesture, he playfully says, "Yes! I wanted to do it only because I didn’t want her to think that I am boring."

Wishing them many more wonderstruck moments in the years to come

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