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How Game of Thrones Initiated a Love Story

“Hey, I am a GoT fan too!” When you hear a stranger saying this, it feels as if you have found your soul mate, right? You can just spend the entire day discussing about the show. Now, just assume that you got a life partner who loves to binge watch, and adding a cherry on the cake, loves the same show that you are crazy about. Doesn’t this feel like it’s a match made in heaven?

Whenever Dilip browsed through his BharatMatrimony profile, a girl named Suman’s profile popped up a few times but he did not pay attention to it.

Suman, on the other hand, was just browsing when she found a profile whose bio read ‘binge watch’. She sent him a request that very moment. When Dilip saw a notification from the same girl, he accepted it instantly, as if the universe was conspiring for their union.

“It was certainly a fun accident to receive an interest from the same girl who had been popping up on my suggestions many times,” Dilip began. So when they got to talking, they decided to meet up to get to know each other a little better. “I remember the day I had to meet him. I was roaming around the entire day and finally met him in the evening exhausted. So I wasn’t really in a state to have a first impression on him.” recalled Suman.

Although Suman did not have a first impression, once they started talking, there had to be a topic about the ‘binge watching’ Dilip had mentioned in his bio and there… the cupid struck the arrow. “I am a big fan of Game of Thrones and when I found out that she loves that show as well, it didn’t take us long to connect,” said Dilip.

It was imaginable how Dilip and Suman’s life would be hereafter that both had found their companion to binge watch GoT, but what was unimaginable was what happened on their wedding. That day literally proved what kind of crazy fans both are for the show. “We had a long playlist that was playing in the background in our wedding hall but when the baratis entered, the dhol version of the Game of Thrones theme song started to play,” Dilip narrated.

When he had spoken to Suman, he had discovered that they share many common interests but there were a few disagreements on the other shows they loved. “She is a fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S but I love Big Bang Theory,” said Dilip and Suman added to the list and responded, “I love Fawad Khan but he does not.”

These were just about the shows but they were quite dissimilar in characteristics also. If Dilip says that his wife is disorganized, Suman claims that her husband is addicted to his phone. “Oh! He is extremely lazy too,” added she.

Even though the lady is filmy and the man is practical, their love sees no bounds. “However different we may be, I would not want to change him at all. He has a heart of gold and is totally selfless. What more would I want,” Suman was all praises for her husband.

Wishing Them a Journey of Endless Shows and Binge Watching Forever!

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