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Both of Us Found Our Equal

Dharmendra was all set to meet her and walked into a cafe. He got hold of a seat and was eagerly waiting for her, not knowing that this meeting was the beginning of a beautiful journey. His hands were trembling and he could feel the butterflies in his stomach.

Jita was having cold feet as she walked in. Scanning the café, she saw a guy sitting in a corner. He seemed very familiar. The next moment their eyes met, they recognized each other and dived into a conversation.

Jita and Dharmendra had spoken over the phone for almost twenty days before they decided to meet. Even then both were anxious about their first meeting. “She was the first girl I was going to meet. I know we had spoken before but it was nerve wrecking to meet and chat with her in person,” Dharmendra says remembering his first meet.

It was an instant yes for the man but Jita took some time to decide. She said, “The moment I saw him, I knew that he is the one but at that time it was not a sure yes.” For her, the yes was becoming stronger each day she got to know him more closely. “He lived in Bangalore but whenever he got time, he came down to Chennai to meet me. That made it a complete yes,” she said.

“I have always believed that if I have got the freedom to do anything, my partner should have the same freedom. Marriage shouldn’t be a barrier to anybody’s freedom.” Dharmendra’s belief is evidence of their wonderful marriage because according to his wife, he does not allow her to enter the kitchen alone. He says he is equally responsible for it.

“He makes sure whatever we do, we split it equally. Especially when it comes to cooking, he never lets me into the kitchen alone. But the cherry on the cake is that he cooks way better than me,” claimed the happy wife.

But the husband had a different opinion and said, “I usually prefer vegetarian food but whenever she prepares her mouth-watering Chicken curry, I just cannot resist.” It is truly said that a couple who cooks together, stays together.

If Dharmendra says that his wife is his spinal cord, Jita claims that he is her best friend. Keeping friendship as the foundation of their relationship, this adorable couple is couple goals because she says, “My husband loves me the way I am.”

Wishing them an eternity of friendship and love!

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