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BharatMatrimony Gave Me the Man of My Dreams

“I am a diehard fan of Permanent Roommates and I always wanted someone like the lead character, Mikesh,” says Anjali.

We all have crushes on fictional characters and dream about finding a life partner like that. Everyone does get very close to live that dream but with certain adjustments. The leading lady of our story, however, did not have to adjust at all because she says, “I got just what I wanted. Ranjit is the man of my dreams.”

Having said this, I was very interested to know how she found her dream man and how did it feel to live

a dream. Anjali began her journey when her father registered her profile on BharatMatrimony. A straightforward person that she is, she had her criteria sorted. “My father is my role model. I have seen how he takes care and supports my mother,” says the lady who wanted someone who accepts her the way she is and also loves her family equally.

Her better half seemed to be slightly reserved and busy to be able to share his emotions of their journey but Anjali fills his shoes and says, “He told me once that within two days of registering on BharatMatrimony, he found my profile.” When she saw his details, she discovered that he was a long distance acquaintance.

After speaking for almost three months, they decided to meet because Anjali was headstrong about meeting him and then deciding to go further. The meeting was going as usual until Ranjit said something that probably made her skip a heartbeat. “He said, ‘I might not say a yes to everything but I will try to understand,” Anjali adds. However, when he was sitting beside her, she was already convinced that he was special and after this sentence, her instinct just grew stronger.

Living in two different cities, they did not get enough chances to meet but in their ten months of courtship, the occasional meetings they had, however small they may be, all had different experiences. But as it is said, their best experience was their wedding because they had their own aspirations for their wedding. Hence, they planned everything for their wedding.

Marriage brings changes into your life, however small that is. Anjali also had to adjust to some changes but one major thing remained unchanged. “Ranjit and I share the same surname. So I got to retain mine,” says Anjali and laughs. There are compromises and adjustments that couples have to make in a marriage but what people tend to overlook is the essence it brings into a relationship. “The love and trust between us has only grown stronger after marriage. Living in two cities might be difficult, a couple might develop misunderstandings but my husband is extremely patient. He waits for my call every day. There are also times when I forget to call him but never have I seen him raise his voice or even ask why I haven’t called,” Anjali says and proves that love is beyond boundaries. Where there is love and understanding, there cannot be room for anything else.

“We get many choices in life but when love walks into your life, it becomes your only choice and changes you forever.”

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